Gemological Information

Amber (yellow/brown)
Andalusite (brown/green/red/orange)
Apatite (blue to blue/green, yellow to yellow green)
Aquamarine (blue, blue/green)
Bixbite (pink to strawberry)
Emerald (green)
Helidore (yellow, yellow/green)
Goshenite (colorless)
Morganite (pale pink to pink)
Chrome Diopside
Chrysoberyl (yellow/green to yellow/gold) – Alexsanderite (color change red/purple to green)
Danburite (pink to colorless)
Bytownite (gold/brown)
Labradorite (clear/blueish/flashes of color like moonstone)
Orthoclase (yellow/straw colored)
Sunstone (gold/yellow, copper shiller, red/orange/green/blue spots of color)
Fluorite (almost all colors)
Almandine (red/orange to violet tint)
Demantoid (green, Emerald green)
Grossular (green, yellow copper, brown) – Tsavorite (chrome green)
Pyrope (red, red with a brown tint)
Spessaritie (orange to brown)
Uvaroite (Emerald green)
Glass – Apache Tears, Obsidian
Idocrase – someimes called Vesuvianite found near Mount Vesuvias (nice peridot green)
Iolite – Cordierite (blue/purple with light grey/clear axis)
Moldavite – Tektite (olive to a nice green)
Opal (opal clear, yellow, orange, red/orange)
Peridot (olive to apple green)
Amethyst (light blue/purple to deep purple/blue with magenta flashes)
Ametrine (blue/purple yellow/gold)
Citrine (yellow/gold to red/orange, red brown)
Clear Quartz (clear, colorless)
Rose Quartz (pink)
Smokey Quartz (grey, grey/gold/peach)
Treated Quartz (green/yellow)
Color Change (all colors)
Padparadschah (pink/orange)
Ruby (red)
Sapphies (all colors)
Scapolite (yellow, clear, purple/lilac)
Sphalerite (green, brown, yellow, red, orange and colorless)
Sphene (rown, yellow, green, brownish-red)
Spinel (Red, purple, blue, lavender, green, pink, yellow (unusual), orange/peach)
Hiddenite (Emerald green, yellow-green, yellow)
Kunzite (Pink, violet, cornflower-blue)
Cubic Zirconia (all colors, color change)
Gadolinium Gallium Garnet (GGG) (all colors)
Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) (all colors)
Zincite (all colors)
Rhodochrosite (red/pink)
Tanzanite – (purple/blue) – Zoisite
Topaz (blue, clear, peach to pink)
Achroite (colorless)
Dravite (gold/yellow to orange)
Elbiate (watermelon, red/green rind)
Indicolite (blue)
Rubellite (red/purple/pink)
Schorl (opaque black)
Siberite (purple)
Verdelite (green)
Fancy Zircons (unusual colors, mauve, pink, red)
Hyacinth (butterscotch, yellow, brown to orange)
Starlite (blue)

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